Saturday, November 22, 2008


i feel that it is my job as a parent to build up a supply of potentially embarassing pictures and stories to tell emerson all about (and any future boyfriends too!). although i have already worked on this by having her be a lobster for her first halloween, i took it one step further today. dressing her as a lobster was fun....but i thought i should get back at her for causing me to have a c-section and keeping me up with her screaming. hehe. and the punishment for those crimes is getting boiled like a lobster is intended to! :) And who says that you only use a halloween costume once?? hehe


  1. OMG! I love the picture of her dressed up in the pot AND on the stove none the less! you are doing your job as a mama that's for sure!

    this will be great to pull out on her first date!

  2. hehe...that was part of my evil plan! i love the lobster on the stove pics too. :)