Saturday, February 7, 2009

screaming baby!

who would have thought that i would love the sound of a screaming child? somehow i do though...of course, its my own child and she isnt screaming out of anger or pain. apparently she just loves hearing herself scream. and although its probably a bad habit to encourage, i think its hilarious. this video was just a short moment of her screaming....she keeps it up for about 2 hours a day, sometimes more. its funny but i find that i often have more headaches than before. hehe.

anyway, aside from screaming and blowing rasberries lately, emerson is doing really good. she has decided to apparently never learn to roll over. she doesnt seem to care. she is pretty anti-being on her belly, so she doesnt get many chances to try to roll over. her legs are really strong and i think she will be walking soon. hehe. not really, but she does have very strong legs, considering how scrawny they are.

i cant wait for february vacation. not only will my mom and ashley be visiting (And i finally get to show ashley the MALL), but i cant wait to spend a week with emerson. i am having to ask brad what her schedule is now and i hate it. i hate not knowing her better because i am at work. so i really plan to enjoy getting to spend some quality time with her. she just keeps changing every day and i cant keep up with it!


  1. kristen!!!! I love that you posted two posts of emerson in that cute outfit I got here! She is getting so big and I am glad that it fits her. I can't believe that every time I see her she gets cuter and cuter! I miss her!!

    I hope you are doing good and sorry I can't come visit next week I need tons of time ahead to ask for time off since its down to two if us at work. Lets chat soon!

  2. she is officially the cutest screaming baby ever, i think shes gonna be a badass chick