Tuesday, May 12, 2009

if the house is messy, its emersons fault!

yesterday the house needed vacuuming....so what did i do? i vacuumed! and what did emerson do? go ahead and guess.

she screamed. like, "i'm about to get murdered by this giant machine" scream. up until now, she has been neutral to the vacuum cleaner, never really caring about it one way or another. however, she decided that she is now DEATHLY afraid of it, making housework that much more difficult. i mean, i am not really a domestic kind of person, so when i get the motivation to do stuff around the house, no one should stop me. so this is a bad thing. knowing that she is going to freak out is definitely a big deterrent to doing vacuuming.

so anyway, if you come to my house from here on in and my carpet is covered with a few inches of cat fur and ants trapped in the cat fur, dont blame it on me or think i am gross. its all emersons fault and i am just trying to be a good mom. :)


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    p.s. have you heard anything back from that job in Cumberland RI yet?

  2. those sites have such cute clothes...but are super expensive :( tease!!!

    havent heard anything from rhode island yet :( i am crossing my fingers for it...