Saturday, June 13, 2009

here ya go!

the past few weeks have been so crazy so i havent been able to find the time to post. and now probably isnt the best time since i am tired and its late and my brain is fried. but if nothing else, you get some new pics of the cutest baby in the world. hehe. she is doing well and has recently decided that 3 steps away from her is too far and she will cry. extreme seperation anxiety i guess. emerson is definitely extreme. hehe. she also says dada, nana, mama (though not often) and baba, which she just added yesterday. tonight she was talking to a horton the who stuffed animal (thanks robin!) and having a whole conversation and was actually mixing up the different sounded like she was having a gibberish conversation and she sounded mad and was yelling at horton. i'm not sure what horton did wrong but if he understood her, i'm sure he will never do it again. she just discovered today that she likes him. i think because he has an elephant trunk, which fits perfectly in emersons mouth to chomp on. also he has a fuzzy tail, which i think makes emerson think of the cats tails, which she sooooo loves to grab. i think by the time she learns not to rip out dante and ophelias fur, the cats wont have any left. also, horton has fuzzy eyebrows, which emerson likes to touch and occasionally licks (weird kid!)

anyway, here are some pics...first pic is of emerson on the new couches! yay! thanks mom and dad! i get to try out the sleeper part tomorrow night because brads son is coming tomorrow. i'll let you guys know how comfy it is!

see how happy she is that she has new couches??
going out for a walk in a cute outfit that aunt ashley bought her. the hat almost doesnt fit cuz emerson has such a big head!
emerson and daddy reading together...
her first biter biscuit. and possibly her last. it was MESSY! i am going to bed! one of these days i am going to start posting more (probably when school is out for the summer!)

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  1. Thank you thank you thank you... I was starting to go through withdrawls!!!!