Sunday, January 4, 2009

the days that follow...

emerson has been sleeping well in her room by herself. actually, she has been sleeping even better. she sleeps from about 10pm until 8-10am straight through! any mothers dream.... i think it helps that we arent in the room making noise (our bed squeaks every time we change our position).

so she is sleeping well and all that jazz. i am doing better with her being by herself. well, actually with ME being by MYSELF. i still miss her in my room but this is better for her.

developmentally, she is doing great. she can hold her head iup 90 degrees when she does tummy time, and she can stand and hold weight on her legs with only using us for balance. she is starting to pay attention to toys but doesnt reach for them yet.

she has an appt this thursday so i will update with her weight and height and all the other good stuff. i will also update with some pics then too.... i'm going to keep you in suspense until then. heh. actually, i am just too lazy to do it right now. heh.

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