Friday, March 27, 2009

butts, bows and the pelvic thrust...

first, here is a cute picture of emerson today. i got this skirt in ithaca last weekend. its secondhand and was a great deal at $3! its a little big on her but with her cloth diapers on, it fits well enough...

emerson was sleeping the other night and i had to clip her nails and thought i would take a pic of the size difference of our hands. she is soo teeny...

Bows: i got some bows when i was in ithaca...this one is super cute!
butts: here is emerson rocking her cloth diapers. so far so good...she seems to like them, and they arent a big pain in the butt. she is still a sposie (disposable) girl most of the time, since we only have 7 cloth diapers, but i am working on gradually building the supply. these diapers will fit her until she is potty trained so i have plenty of time to build my supply up....and get some cute diapers in the process!

and finally...the pelvic thrust. i have no pictures or videos but this is emerson's newest talent. i think she might be trying to dance or something...but she loves to do a little pelvic thrust. maybe because brad is from elvis's homeland inspired emerson to adopt elvis's dance moves. anyway, its hilarious!
along with the thrusting milestone (if that is considered a milestone), emerson has recently discovered her feet and is a master of blowing rasberries. she is also getting to be a big girl...i left her with a stanger (primetime daycare at the ymca while i worked out) and she did really well. i guess she only cried every time they tried to put her down. well, that sounds about right for emerson. god forbid anyone put her in anything to play in! the lady who watched her said people kept stopping in to tell her how beautiful emerson is. i told her that most people think that all babies are cute so thats understandable. she said that she has been working in primetime a long time and has never had numerous people come in just to tell her how beautiful one of the babies is. how do i capitolize on this?!?! hehe .
and she is still thoroughly enjoying her screaming for fun phase. especially in public places that echo. she seems to enjoy it that much more when the entire mall can hear her screaming. its pretty funny but sometimes we get funny looks because people must be thinking we are doing something to hurt her....until they look at her and realize she is smiling and screaming. i have a weird kid!

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  1. Emerson is alllll you!!!! so none of these thing surprise me lol

    When I take my class on buggy walks inside the cummings center they still scream in the spots that echo and theyre 15mos-2.9yrs so dont expect that to end anytime soon! :-P

    remember when my mom left me with you for the first time?? talk about scary haha