Wednesday, March 18, 2009

hair pulling and fuzzy buns!

emerson is one crazy gal. she has reached a new milestone...if you want to call it that. she has discovered her hair...and along with that, she has discovered that she can grab it and pull it. however, she doesn't realize that she is the one doing it and she keeps pulling and then it hurts and she starts crying. she is a nutcase. it's pretty funny to watch...

and...we have moved into the realm of hippies. break out the granola, cuz emerson is gonna be a cloth diapered baby! well, partially anyway. i got a great deal on some cloth diapers through craigslist and in the long run it will save us tons by not having to buy disposables. so far i only have 4 cloth diapers but i can build my supply gradually since i got the ones that she will fit into until she is potty trained. so tomorrow she will have a cute little fuzzy bun! the ones i got are just white and one is green, but hopefully i can eventually get some cute patterns or designs. i am excited to start!


  1. That's a cute story! How about a picture soon!

  2. Good luck with the cloth. I remember them from when you were a baby...big pain. Hope Brad handles them better than I did.

  3. dad...cloth has changed so much! i'm not using prefold like what you probably did. i will bring some home when i come visit so you can see. its just like a regular diaper but you wash it.

    and joline..i will get on the pictures. i dont think i have uploaded any in a few. its been super busy at work so i havent had time!