Tuesday, March 16, 2010

kid leashes...

today i became one of THOSE moms.

i bought and used one of those kid backpack leashes on emerson. i seriously wanted to murder myself and pretend that this wasnt really me holding my dog...i mean, KID, on a leash. haha

but seriously, it was me and my sister versus suriah, emerson, a vacuum and NO stroller at a mall where they don't believe in those kid carriages. we were losing...big time! the leash seemed to be the only option at the time, and it was only $5.

at first emerson hated it..i think she was freaked out by the animal on her back...haha. she kept turning in circles...like a dog chasing it's tail. haha. but then she realized she could WALK and after that, she went crazy...in a good way.

it was the best worst idea ever. she could walk, but we couldnt really control the direction she went in, which involved her getting pulled occasionally across the floor on her butt. haha. or her stopping walking and us continuing...and then her getting tossed on her butt....and dragged again. haha.

but she really loved it (minus not being able to go wherever she wanted all the time). she was laughing and doing some weird walk-dance and would scream happily. she was blowing kisses to all sorts of people as she walked around....kids, kiosk workers, clothing store mannequins, pretty much everyone we walked by. she was also blowing the kisses and then saying bye bye and waving at the people...then she would take off running......well, until she got yanked back by the leash! haha...

my sister and i were seriously laughing at ourselves SO HARD because it was just ridiculous and if you had seen us tonight, you would have laughed uncontrollably. it was the worst but funniest night ever, which involved not only a stupid kid leash and carrying a vacuum around through the mall, but also emerson spilling the contents of her entire 11oz sippy cup on herself and then we undressed her while in the cheesecake factory to try to take her clothes into the bathroom to use the hand dryer to dry them off...only they didnt have one. so we put her coat on, with no shirt and took her to another bathroom, only to realize it wasnt working and so we went back out to the car (she stayed inside with my sister), in torrential downpours (we had a crazy nor-easter and its been raining for days and everywhere is super flooded), to try to get out an outfit that my sister had luckily just bought. and this progressed to her running around the mall with a kid leash on and general craziness ensued. this really isnt even a description of half of our night. it was a disaster but it was hilarious...

and i cant belive that i turned into one of THOSE moms who uses a leash! i HATE those stupid things, but man, i certainly understand the purpose. i swore up and down that the only people who use those are people who dont pay attention to their kid or doesnt know how to control them. now i understand that sometime, disaster strikes and you just dont have enough hands!

dont hate me....i already hate myself a teeny bit for buying and using the darn thing! haha


  1. i think they are great. i mean yeah its a little messed up to walk you kid like a dog, but if it saves me pulling my hair out or not being able to get done what i need, im for it. And we all know most of us too were walked with those wrist ones from when we were kids. So what can you do.

  2. Isn't it funny how we, sometimes, end up doing what we swore we wouldn't. You can't judge something if you've never been in the position ESPECIALLY when it comes to raising children.