Monday, March 8, 2010

since suriah was born, emerson has had a tough time with adjusting. she isn't too thrilled with the idea of sharing me with anyone else. it's getting slightly better because we are living around other people right now so she can get attention from other people, but it's still tough.

take a few days ago for example...suriah was wearing this super cute one piece hooded zutano outfit with little elephants on it. so cute! and i decided to put her in the bumbo to see if she could sit in it yet. she was pretty happy sitting it in...emerson was not. i dont know if emerson remembers the bumbo and didn't want to share or what, but she threw a FIT when she saw suriah in it. she went over to suriah and grabbed her hood and tried pulling her out of the bumbo by her hood. it didnt work (and suriah was getting choked!) and so emerson decided to kick her instead. NICE... i would officially like to pronounce that as a FAIL.

i dont know what to do to make emerson be nice to suriah or to not get as jealous and try to kill her off. this totally reminds me of growing up with my older brother and to this day, we really aren't too keen on each other. he has spent his whole life trying to kill me (and some of my friends) off. luckily it never worked and i think he might have given up at this point, but we never really got along. i hope that this isn't a forshadowing of what is to come with emerson and suriah. i would like them to at least somewhat like each other, rather than always hating each other and being in competition.

if you have any suggestions on how to make emerson be nicer to suriah and learn to share me, let me know.

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  1. Hmmm...this is a tough one! Luckily my son ADORED my daughter. The only thing he had a hard time with was the fact that she was in our room and he was not. So at night I would let him come in 15 minutes before bed time to see that he wasn't missing out on anything. That helped him a lot and he got over it quite fast! Thankfully...