Monday, December 22, 2008

i finally showered!!

well, truth be told, i have showered since i had emerson, but today was the first day that i showered while she was napping, without anyone watching her. it was very bold of me. usually i assume she will wake up soon so i dont even get into the shower...but today i decided once she fell asleep that i was going to shower. i expected to come out of the shower to hear her screaming her head off but she was still sleeping. in fact, she slept long enough for me to get dressed and do my hair!

so i was all showered and ready to go by 1pm today...which is a feat in itself.....but it as snowing, and brad was sleeping, so i didnt go anywhere. rats. i had emerson dressed all cute too! and all i did was clean the house...which as needed but it definitely wasnt what i had in mind for today. oh well. maybe tomorrow!

i also have cute pictures to post that i took yesterday and today but i need to upload them first...


  1. Congrats!!!! im so proud of you!!! What big steps do you have planned for yourself tomorrow?

  2. i dunno! i might shower again! :)