Sunday, December 7, 2008

one week left!

before i start with the main blogging..i thought i would add a picture i took 2 days ago. i dont know why but i love this picture. she looks like a tiny little munchkin in it. it makes me want to squish her! :)

anyway, the countdown one week i will be going back to work. i am glad to be able to get out of the house and not feel so stir crazy all the time.....but i am nervous about being gone from emerson all day long. i have a semi routine going with her during the day when we aren't going anywhere. we wake up, i change her and feed her. then we play for a few and then i put her in her playmat while i try to pee and eat breakfast. after she gets tummy time in the playmat and starts to get frustrated, i take her out and play with her again for a bit. then i put her in her bouncer to talk to the baby in the mirror. hehe. she loves this. when she starts to get cranky i put her in the swing, where she will fall asleep for about a half hour. when she wakes up, i change her and feed her again and usually get her dressed for the day. then we continue about our day and most of the routine is out the window at that point but i enjoy our mornings....i'm going to miss them when i am at work. she is happiest in the morning and i am going to miss it! however, i certainly can use some money again.
why cant i just bring her to work with me????

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