Monday, December 1, 2008

one month appt and other jazzy stuff's supposed to be a one month appt but today emerson was actually 6 weeks old! i cant believe she is that old already! and she has gotten so big! we were at the mall tonight and i kept noticing babies who were smaller than her. i want to shrink her back! keep her little forever! although i love that she is smiling and last night she laughed...really laughed, for the 1st time. she is so cute when she smiles....

anyway, her appt went well. she is now 21 inches (At birth she was 19.25in) and weighs a whopping 8lbs 10oz! hehe..even though lots of babies weigh that (or more) at birth. it still seems big for her. so with those statistics, she is in the 35% for her height and 18% for her weight. she is still a little peanut for her age. however, her melon (head) is in the 56%percentile! she's got a big noggin like her daddy! haha. little body, big head! she must have an extra amount of brains or something. hehe. but aside from size, all is well. we are going to try to get her on a schedule, since she enjoys going to bed much too late for me to be able to function at work. not so sure how that is going to work (she is crying in her hammock right now :( ) but i am going to remain hopeful.

after her appt we went to babies r us to get some essentials for her..and to get a few christmas presents for her. i got her some toys. it was interesting picking them out, as there are too many options with only subtle differences. i kept showing the toys to her to see what she liked, but amazingly, she didn't care! this will probably be the only year she doesn't care. it certainly made choosing that much harder though! and believe it or not, i got her a toy that is pink and it plays music. i swore i wouldn't support toys that needed batteries but this one comes with batteries already in it, and it plays some nice songs, so i figured it was okay. and i bought her a wooden toy too so that kind of balances it out.

aside from the 3 or 4 toys i got her for christmas, i am starting a tradition with her. i bought her a snowbabies ornament for 2008. it is going to be her 1st christmas ornament and each year i am going to buy her a new snowbaby ornament. i also got myself one (its a snowbaby cuddling with a pink blanket) and wrote her name and birthday on it. i thought it would be neat to do something like that with all my future children too...(should i have any). i have also thought of buying her a xmas stocking that she can keep forever with her name on it...but i am having trouble finding one i like...or even finding one at all! my mother got her a stocking for this xmas so if i dont find one, she has that one for her toys but i would still like to have one for her that i can tell her she has had her whole life...

the last thing i might get for her ($$ willing) is some cloth diapers. its kind of my gift to myself (to save money), my gift to her (because there arent any yucky chemicals) and our gift to the enviroment (less waste). you can never start teaching the importance of that stuff too early! :)

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