Friday, August 21, 2009

blogging protest!!

i'm not blogging anymore until i get some comments people! i need encouragement that people are reading this and i'm not wasting my time.....

but i will give you an update on emerson. she had her 9 month dr appt last week...just a few days shy of 10 months. she is now 28 inches tall (50th%), 18lbs 3oz (23rd%) and has a big ol noggin that put her in the 89th%! she is doing well and is hitting appropriate milestones. we are waiting for her to say more words and walk and stand on her own soon. she is eating us out of house and home...the girl likes to eat! you wouldnt know it by her weight but she will eat just about anything. yesterday she feasted on some hummus and pita bread with her mommy :) we both enjoyed it.

anyway, there is your update. i had some good posts recently and havent heard from anyone so comment away!


  1. I might not always comment but i check your blog every day and read it, and save the pictures to print out for my mom to see!

    you need to start blogging every day again that was my entertainment!

  2. woops that was please END your protest!

  3. Kristen,
    I read your blog every day. I look for your cute pics and videos of Emerson, news of what your naming your new little girl(by the way I posted a ton of suggestions for names over on facebook), new mommy antics, etc...

    please send your protest because people are reading!!

  4. We've commented now where is our blog!!!!!

  5. I read it so write it!!!!
    Love Ashley lol