Friday, August 7, 2009

houston, we have teeth!

well, to be honest, there is only one teeny tip that poked through but there is more to come! i know the other bottom one will break through soon as well and they will get taller. the only way you can tell is to feel inside her mouth. as soon as you can see it i will take pics...

now, in addition to that, i believe we have an official first word. "stop" hehe. funny first word but she has said it a few times....when brad was tickling her and when i have been changing her. she does sometimes sound like she says hi or hey, and babbles mama and dada, among other things but hasnt differentiated between us. so i am officially calling "stop" her first word. hehe

now...regarding posting the pic of her in the crib and a new video. i havent uploaded the pic yet and i cant get the video to post. so i will keep working on that and post it as soon as i can...

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