Tuesday, August 4, 2009

transition from hammock to crib...

well, as i type, emerson is sleeping for the first time in her crib! woot woot! it was more out of necessity because i am washing her hammock and i knew it was nappy time, so i put her in the crib and figured she would scream. to my surprise, she didnt! i had a few stuffed toys in there so she was playing with them for a few and after about 5-10 minutes i went in adn she was holding onto a teddy bear, sleeping on it. it was so cute! i even have a picture of it...i will upload it soon and post it. i also have a funny video from yesterday that i need to upload...

so...now that i know it is possible to get to sleep in the crib, i am slowly going to transition her over. i dont want her in there until bradley leaves but i might put her in for some naps and see how things go. that way she gets used to the idea and we can eventually pack away the hammock. my goal had been to keep her in the hammock for 9 months..and she is 9 months old. if she has trouble with the transition then i guess i will take more time for the transition but i think its about time. i just hope she sleeps as well in the crib as she does in the hammock.

well...she just woke up screaming. totally different from waking up in the hammock and bouncing herself. i think she was freaked cuz she has never slept anywhere but her hammock or in bed with me. all in all it was an okay nap...about 45 minutes....kinda shorter than normal but thats to be expected.

in other news, for those who didnt know, emerson is going to be a big sister in january. thats right....we are expecting another little munchkin. weird. heh. we find out the sex next week and maybe i will update you all. hehe...

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  1. Kristen!
    I can't wait to find out what you and Brad are having!!! I am also interested in hearing how your last trip home and hanging out with Bradley's parents went. I can't wait to see pictures and videos of Emerson!!