Thursday, August 27, 2009

a peaceful moment...

ahhhhh.....all it at peace. hehe.. i woke emerson up bright and early today (8am..she usually sleeps till 9-930am) and got her all dressed and ready and we jetted out of the house to go meet with a certified car seat technician. did you know you are supposed to get your car seat checked? yeah, well apparently most people dont and up to 80% of car seats are installed incorrectly!! so anyway, i wanted to double check on her carseat and make sure we were all up to par and safe. so off we went to the police station for our 830am appt. turns out i had things pretty much okay...phew. there was one adjustment...instead of using the seatbelt clip to lock the seatbelt, the tech took it off and did some fancy tightening with the seatbelt that i wasnt able to master, so the carseat is now tighter than i could get it. she also mentioned that i should get rid of that mirror to see emerson in the backseat and also the side window shades. i kind of ignored that though. i cant NOT watch her in the mirror. it might be an addiction, and i knew those things arent supposed to be used. i wonder why they are allowed to make and sell them if they arent safe during a crash? i am super obsessed with carseats and carseat safety (so you would think i would take out the mirror...hehe) and i might look up what it takes to get certified myself. not sure if i can or what i would do with that certification but it seems like a good thing to get certified in.

anyway, we got home and i walked emerson over to starbucks for a little java fix....for me, not her! hehe. when e got back i figured it would be cheerios time but emerson decided that she had wnough of being awake this early and wanted to go back to bed. and who am i to stop a tired baby from sleeping so that i can have a hour or so of time to myself??? i put her to bed and now have a few moments to breathe and chill...and enjoy my peppermint mocha from starbucks. not only that but since emerson hasnt been up long today, there isnt a mess in the livingroom prompting me to clean it. yay!! (granted there are dishes to wash but i am selectively ignoring them. hehe)

onto other news...i am now 21 weeks preggo. i am starting to get a little belly and its soo weird being pregnant again. i kind of keep forgetting and then the baby moves and reminds me. sometimes i am really excited about the idea of having another baby, since i never wanted emerson to be an only child, but other times i am just really stressed about the whole thing...especially money. luckily i still have most of the stuff for emerson, and there are some things i stupidly got rid of because i wasnt planning to have another so soon, and we had no where to store stuff. so i gave away some clothes, but luckily kept the stuff i really loved. i will probably need to get the stuff i stored down from the attic and see what we need. i know i gave away most of the onesies and the winter sleep sacks, so i will probably need to buy those again. all the other big stuff i can use again, although i hate the bouncer i have for emerson. its my own fault, since i registered for it, but you never really know what is good until you have a baby in it. i hated it and i want to sell it or something and get a papasan one that will actually bounce.

i already bought a double stroller, used off craigslist. i love it and used it with emerson and her buddy fletcher. it steers so nice but i know that it will be a pain to store since when its folded it takes up the whole back part of my car. i wish i could wake up one day and have my honda element back or another suv. i would consider trading my car in if i actually had a job. something tells me that they wont let me buy a car with no job. hehe. plus, thanks to working at whitesboro, my car has like 70,000 miles or something on it...and its a 2008!! i doubt i would get much for trading it in, even though a lot of people like honda fits cuz they are good on gas.

hmmm..what else?? oh, i am buying another dresser for the new baby's clothes to go in. i found it already on craigslist (someday i will be rich and actually be able to buy things NEW...and things that MATCH. hehe). its a baby armoire that has 3 drawers, 2 shelves and a part to hang clothes. so it will be nice to have....even though its white and totally doesnt match anything in the room (and you cant paint it cuz its got like that plastic veneer or whatever on it). i figure if i get stuff gradually then it wont seem as overwhelming of an expense.

anyway, this post is waayyy long. hope someone is still reading! hehe. in the coming weeks i am planning emersons bday be held in ny (sorry massachusetts people! but if you want to come to ny, you are invited! let me know if you want to come and i will send you an invite, but otherwise, i am going to assume that ma people wont come unless they are family...). it is going to be a costume halloween party and i am keeping emersons costume a secret!! she is going to look adorable though and it has been really hard to not make her be yoda this year. while that would be awesomely hilarious, i figure i have to at least vary the ridiculous (lobster) with something a little more "normal"...although it is different and super cute!

also, people have been asking me what they should buy emerson for her birthday. i dont know how kosher it is to do this, but since people are asking, i am eventually going to make a post of bday gift suggestions for her. so if you are interested, that will be coming in the next few weeks, once i figure some more things out. i know a few things..and i know what i want to get her, but i want to make sure of some other things before i go suggesting it as a gift for those who need suggestions. (this by no means is implying that people buy her gifts!! this is just for those who plan to buy something anyway and are at a loss for what to get her)...

well, i probably should go tend to those dishes or maybe some laundry! hope you enjoyed my majorly long post!!


  1. so is it safe to say baby number 2 is a girl?